Above-Ground Storage Tank Inspections

An above-ground storage tank is an asset that deserves attention. These tanks can be fabricated of metal, either field erected (API) or shop-fabricated (UL), or non-metallic materials, such as polyethylene or fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP). They can be used to store petroleum products, chemicals or waste materials. From the environmental regulatory and safety perspectives, PCA New England can help meet your inspection and engineering requirements.

PCA New England has over 40 years of experience providing inspection of tanks and associated systems. We can help meet your environmental (SPCC, DPCC, DEC, DEP) requirements or address your Process Safety Management (PSM) requirements.

Standards within our skill set include:

  • API 653 Storage Tank Inspection
  • STI SP001 for smaller tanks
  • FTPI 2007-1 for FRP tanks
  • NYS DEC DER-16 for Poly tanks

PCA New England has the skills and equipment to address your inspection requirements, from the development of plans through return-to-service. Our experience will guide you through the process, preserving your assets and minimizing risk.

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